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Maple Syrup Season 2016: The Sap Goes On

The weather in Vermont gave us quite the variety this week. We saw warmer and cooler temps, the sun, rain and even snow! The sap flow slowed for a few days, which gave us a chance to change out the back pan. By Thursday night, the sap had cleared up and was running at 1,000 gallons an hour. But Friday arrived at the farm, and the sap had slowed down again, spring was on pause and winter seemed to make a comeback.

Today, the sap is running at a 1,000+ gallons an hour. There is 7,000 gallons of sap and 1,300 gallons of 8%. We are filling drum 187. It is hard to know how much longer the season will last, but the sap is still running and looking good. Our little frog friend is a sure sign that we are getting close to the end.