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Maple Syrup Season 2016: Weather Makes For A Good Sugaring Season

It is peak maple sugar season and despite the unusual weather, it seems to be a good year at the farm for sugar making! On Wednesday the sap ran very well and we started to fill the tanks up again. The upper sections of the farm really started to run and by Thursday morning we had 7,000 gallons of 7% concentrate, a full tank (500 gallons) of 16% and 3,400 gallons of sap. We had filled drum #158 full of amber rich and the sap was still flowing, running at a 1,000 gallons an hour.

We finished boiling the rest of the sap at 3am on Sunday morning and filled drum 181. Our back pan is leaking again, so we will be changing it out again this week. The syrup was hard to filter for a couple of drums, but that cleared up and came back to a nice dark robust color and flavor. Last year we ended on drum 129, so we are happy to report we are ahead where we were last year. It looks like the weather is going to give us a break for a few days, which will allow us to get ready for the next run.

Stay tuned!

The road in the woods