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The Best Valentine’s Day Treats

Maple Whipped Cream

A sweet holiday calls for sweet treats. Luckily, as a pure maple syrup company, we know sweet. So, when it comes to Valentine’s Day treats, we have a collection of recipes ready for you to prepare and share with your dear ones. (Or, of course, to enjoy just for yourself!) On this day of celebrating love, we like to extend its meaning to also celebrating a personal love for desserts.

Chocolates, candies, ice creams and cookies. We’ll take one of each. February 14th is the delightful day where we get to indulge in decadence. And get to share our love for sweetness with others. If you’re too busy to bake this year, you can always share a jar of Pure Maple Butter, or a box of Maple Candy, snack on Maple Popcorn while you watch your favorite movie, or enjoy a sleeve of Maple Cream Cookies!

If you’re thinking of making something sweet yourself, we can support you with recipes and inspiration. There’s nothing more sweeter than the effort put into something homemade.

Maple syrup is a fitting ingredient to have on hand for your home kitchen creations. Rich in its essence, it lends a depth of flavor to elevate any dessert recipe. Adding maple syrup to the mix, as a sweetener or flavor enhancer, will have diners experiencing love at first bite.

Whether you’re whipping a batch of homemade cookies or brewing a quick affogato for 2, here is what we’d suggest for your maple-infused Valentine’s Day treats.

Chocolate Walnut Crinkle Cookies

A lot like a brownie but in cookie form, these cookies are perfectly soft, tender and chewy with a hint of maple and crunch of nuts. Enjoy a fresh homemade batch for breakfast to kick off a day of Valentine’s Day treats!

Maple Sugar Shortbread

Of all the ways I’ve used maple sugar in my baking, this recipe is the one that will have me keeping maple sugar in my pantry for good. A cookie that comes together simply and quickly, can be baked on a flexible timeline, and comes out of the oven rich with the harmony of butter and maple, it’s the reason I’ll always be sure to have maple sugar in the pantry.

Recipe By: Jessica Lewis Stevens

Jessica Lewis Stevens is a quilter, baker, and mother making a home and tending a small homestead in Vermont. For a glimpse of current projects, kitchen stories, and life at home, follow her on Instagram or visit her website.

Maple Affogato

The beauty of this recipe is that it’s not much of a recipe at all! Ratios are completely adjustable. Do you prefer more sweetness to cut through the strength of espresso? Just add more maple! And when it comes to gelato, scoop what you wish into a small glass dish. We top the dessert with crushed maple cookies and roasted strawberries to add a little crunch to each bite. But our version of the maple affogato is merely a drawing board for your culinary creativity to blossom.

Carrot Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting

We love this recipe because even though it’s dessert – it uses delicious, healthy ingredients.

Maple Pecan Ice Cream

Want to wow your dear ones? Serve up scoops of homemade ice cream for dessert. Preparing ice cream is a labor of love. And if your dear ones are ice cream aficionados, it’s a thoughtful gesture. We suggest making this a special occasion staple!

Maple Whipped Cream

Whipped cream completes a sundae. Dollop this maple whipped cream on top of ice cream, hot chocolate, banana splits, a brownie, anything! Your dessert will feel whole when this sweet, airy addition is included.