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Introducing The Next Generation of Our Maple Syrup Squeeze Bottle

You may be familiar with our first-generation squeeze bottle. Its debut in 2014 innovated the way we dispense maple syrup. Precise pours meant the whole family could control their own maple portions without creating a mess. The design was thoughtfully tested and tweaked by second-generation owner of Butternut Mountain Farm, Emma Marvin, and her daughters to achieve the perfect mom and kid approved maple bottle.

Ten years later, we are thrilled to introduce the next generation of squeeze: the PET bottle. This new design has the nostalgia and familiarity of a classic glass maple bottle while still serving the same functional purpose we targeted all those years ago.

It’s no secret that maple syrup bottles can get sticky. And we sympathize with the loss of maple when a little too much spills from the jug. With the PET’s squeeze cap feature, precise pours mean no wasted maple and clean bottles. For families with kids this means little hands won’t make a big mess! The controlled pour is also perfect for baking, cooking, and mixing drinks where accuracy is appreciated in recipes.

The 12 oz bottle features a silicone valve that prevents drips and dribbles. This allows for controlled dispensing and portion control. Even when the cap is open and the bottle is hovering over pancakes, it’ll need a squeeze to dispense! This eliminates concerns of spilled syrup and makes it fun for the whole family. We like to think of this design as fridge door friendly. Its narrow stature means easier accessibility to maple syrup. No more digging past the milk cartons and yesterday’s leftovers for the jug in the back of the fridge!

We hope you enjoy our second-generation squeeze bottle. This bottle is available in Grade A Amber Color Rich Taste.

Our New Products

There’s more exciting, new products from Butternut Mountain Farm on shelves! Our new Buttermilk Pancake Mix is now made with our maple sugar! This mix only requires the addition of milk and eggs to create the batter. The result is a fluffy tower of seriously plush and delicious pancakes.

In 2023 we were humbled to celebrate our 50th season. To commemorate this milestone, we bottled Grade A Vermont Amber, Rich from the season’s run in a sleek 12.7 fl oz Nordic Bottle. For more than half a century we have carefully stewarded our land to nurture the diversity of our forest and the wild-grown maple trees we tap year after year. An enduring, generational passion for this pristine, single-ingredient product inspires us to make high quality maple syrup each year. From our trees to your table enjoy this pure gift of nature from breakfast to dessert.