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Pancakes With Maple Syrup: Pairings For Different Types of Pancakes

Pancakes and maple syrup are a harmonious pairing. This timeless bond between a hearty stack and golden syrup has graced breakfast tables for generations. But did you know there is more than just one kind of maple syrup for your pancakes? For starters, maple syrup can be divided into two main categories: Grade A and processing grade. Within Grade A there are four flavor classifications. And then we can go beyond the classic pure maple flavors. There are infused maple syrups that impart additional flavor to your morning stack too. So, for as many types of pancakes there are, there is a maple syrup to match it.

The three flavor profiles you may be familiar with within Grade A maple syrup are Golden Delicate, Amber Rich and Dark Robust. What’s the difference? Flavor! Depending on the weather during sugaring season the sap that is boiled into maple syrup results in varying colors and taste. Golden Delicate is the lightest on the color scale and has a reserved-for-dessert sweetness to it. (We like to drizzle this over ice cream.) Amber Rich has a glowing bronze hue to it that delivers a true maple flavor. Its renowned full-bodied flavor – not too sweet and not too bold – makes it a staple on tables. Dark Robust veers toward a caramel taste that is coveted for baking projects.

When it comes to enhancing your breakfast, specifically those pancakes, look no further than real maple syrup. For any style of pancake you crave there is a maple syrup to compliment it. From pure maple syrup to infused maple syrups, there is a spectrum of flavor that will electrify your plate and palate.

Grade A Golden Delicate — Crepes

The thin French pancake can be stacked into a cake or rolled into a sweet log. While there are plenty of toppings for crepes, from Nutella to ham, we prefer the Vermont way: topped with maple syrup. Golden Delicate has a lick-you-lips sweet flavor. We laud it as a topping for vanilla ice cream which, when you’re treating yourself, is another encouraged crepe topping.

Grade A Amber Rich — Buttermilk Pancakes

You know the type! The classic, tall tower of crispy edged, soft centered buttermilk pancakes. A weekend morning treat that attracts the entire family to the table. For the classic, we keep it classic! Grade A Amber Rich is Goldilocks sweet: juuuust right.

Grade A Dark Robust — Japanese Souffle Pancakes

If fluffy is what you’re seeking, look no further than Japanese Souffle Pancakes. These wobbly pancakes are an airy delight which is why we like to swipe to a forkful through Dark Robust maple syrup. Formerly Grade B, the darkest retail shade of Grade A has a caramelized flavor to it. Toasty and robust, it pairs with these soft cakes for a delectable bite.

Sweet Heat — Savory Cheddar

Sure, the recipe is not for pancakes. But it does use Butternut Mountain Farm pancake mix, and thus you can adapt the recipe for the purpose of pancakes. You don’t need a sweet tooth in order to enjoy maple syrup. Sweet Heat Maple Syrup is infused with real habanero peppers which impart a kick to the syrup that makes these cheddar cakes pop.

Sweet Chai — Pumpkin Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes

When it’s turn-everything-into-the-pumpkin-version-of-itself season, don’t refrain from bippity-boppity-boo-ing those classic buttermilk pancakes into pumpkin spice pancakes. These pancakes get their orange glow from pumpkin purée and their flavor from an array of spices. The warmth of each bite is built upon by a cascading flow of Sweet Chai maple syrup.

Sweet Autumn — Dutch Baby Apple Pancake

When you’ve returned from the orchard with a bushel of apples, dedicate some of the fruit to this Dutch Baby Apple Pancake. Dutch Baby pancakes strike awe with their waved walls and the puffy terrain that creates canyons for maple syrup rivers to flow. Though Dutch is in the name, this pancake originates from Germany. So why the name? Somebody confused “Deutsch” with “Dutch”.

Baked in a cast iron skillet, this pancake becomes a bowl for fruit and syrup. Our Sweet Autumn pairs well with the apple nesting in the center. The spices emulate a warm autumn day in New England.

Vanilla Infused Maple Syrup — 3-Ingredient Pancakes

For the pancakes that are whipped up with only three ingredients – typically bananas, flour and egg – we suggest using our Vanilla maple syrup. Infused with a vanilla bean, anything this syrup coats suddenly tastes like French Toast. Its richness makes three ingredient pancakes taste like a whole lot more when into the process of whipping up breakfast.