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Pure Maple Syrup: 50 Reasons Why We Love It

50 years of Butternut Mountain Farm

Butternut Mountain Farm has celebrated the land, people, and heritage of maple syrup for five decades. An enduring, generational passion for this pristine, single-ingredient product inspires us to make high quality pure maple syrup each year. From our trees to your table, we hope you enjoy this gift of nature.

Our 50th Anniversary is commemorated in a special edition bottle. This sleek glass bottle is full of Amber, Rich maple syrup made during our 50th sugaring season. This unique, limited run is one for our history books and your breakfast table.

There are endless reasons to love real maple syrup. In addition, the ways to use maple in cooking are limitless. What will you enhance with pure maple syrup?

One for each year of sugaring, here are 50 reasons why we love to use maple syrup

  1. It has only one ingredient: pure maple syrup. Sweet and simple!
  2. It’s a delicious ingredient you can enjoy by the spoonful or swirled into baked goods.
  3. There’s more than one flavor profile to Grade A maple syrup.
  4. Delicate, Golden is a sweet option to pour over vanilla ice cream for a treat. It’s often referred to as “buttery”.
  5. Amber, Rich is juuuust right, working with any pairing in cooking and baking. We love it in granola recipes.
  6. Dark, Robust has hints of caramel and notes of brown sugar, making it ideal to bake with.
  7. Maple is easy to bake with. The transition from sugar to maple is easy to make.
  8. It adds a robust dimension to baked goods, not just acting as a sweetener but a flavor enhancer.
  9. You can apply it to savory cooking.
  10. Made only from the sap of maple trees, it’s vegan!
  11. It has a rich history, having first been made by the Native Americans of maple producing regions. In Vermont, that’s the Abenaki Nation.
  12. Maple is filled with essential nutrients and minerals like potassium and magnesium.
  13. When it comes to sweeteners, maple is a wholesome sweetener.
  14. The only thing that comes between a tree and a bottle of maple syrup is an evaporator and the sugarmakers who put the effort into making it.
  15. Maple syrup can be made into other pure maple products such as maple sugar and maple butter!
  16. It has a lower glycemic index than cane sugar.
  17. You can stir a spoonful of maple syrup into your coffee or tea.
  18. It’s a great addition to a cocktail or mocktail.
  19. The trees that are tapped for sap can be in production for centuries if the woodlands are stewarded thoughtfully.
  20. Sugarmaking crews work year-round to ensure the vitality and sustainability of the forest.
  21. You can enjoy maple topped on many things including:
  22. Oatmeal
  23. Ice cream
  24. Fruit
  25. Waffles
  26. Pancakes
  27. Crepes
  28. Cheese
  29. A medley of vegetables
  30. It’s an excellent addition to sauces.
  31. Put it to work in salad dressings for a hint of sweetness that balances the vinegar.
  32. Include it in marinades to amplify the meat you grill.
  33. It will have the kids liking Brussels sprouts.
  34. You can make a delicious maple upside down cake with it.
  35. Enjoy it straight from the fridge or warm it up before topping pancakes. It’s delicious either way.
  36. It is divine in smoothies, making the fruit even more vibrant.
  37. Boil it down and pour it over fresh snow or shaved ice and then roll it up with a popsicle stick. (This is known as Sugar on Snow!)
  38. It pairs exceptionally well with fish – particularly salmon.
  39. Mix it with soy sauce and miso and throw it over a bowl of noodles.
  40. It makes whatever recipe you’re making taste a little luxurious.
  41. It’s perfect for when you want a little treat.
  42. Did we mention that maple syrup comes from trees? How cool is that?!
  43. There’s a place in almost any recipe for this flavor enhancer. Get creative in your cooking!
  44. It’s pretty to look at.
  45. When bottled it can come in all shapes and sizes. Fit it into your fridge shelf or buy a gallon for big batches of maple sweetened treats.
  46. Speaking of sizes, you can take maple syrup on the road. This way you always have pure maple syrup with you.
  47. Maple syrup is special because it’s specific to a maple producing region. There are 17 maple producing states and provinces.
  48. It makes for a sweet gift.
  49. Producing maple syrup may mitigate effects of climate change.
  50. It’s made by people with a passion for the woodlands.
  51. BONUS: Maple syrup doesn’t have an expiration date, but it does have a best by date. For glass bottles, it’s 3 years from the production date. For plastic bottles, it’s 2 years from the production date.