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The Buzz on Maple Water

Maple Water – What’s all the Buzz?

Headlines abound “‘Maple Water’ Producers Hoping for Sweet Smell of Success,” “Should You Dive into the New Wave of Water?” “Ask the Doctor: Benefits of Plant Based Water”.

Q: So, what’s maple water?

A: As the name suggests, maple water, is sap collected from maple trees. It’s the same product that 100% pure maple syrup is made from. In the case of maple water, however, the sap hasn’t been concentrated. So, the level of sugar is relatively low and dilute.

Q: What’s all the interst?

A: Well, like maple syrup – maple water has a host of minerals and nutrients (though not at the same concentrations). It has less sugar per serving than its more popular counterpart – coconut water is minimally processed and produced exclusively in northeastern North America.

Q: Why is this the first time I’m hearing about it?

A: Maple sap is unstable – meaning that because of the level of sugar present in the sap if not heated or treated it will spoil quickly. In order to produce maple water for general consumption at mass scale – it needs to be pasteurized and bottled soon after it is harvested. Only recently did the resources become available to do this as scale.

Is maple water the new coconut water? Only time will tell… In the meantime if you can’t find any maple water sidle up some pancakes and pour on the maple syrup and enjoy the concentrated benefits of sap water.