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The Maple Syrup Season 2014: In the Sugar Woods

Mother Nature is finally giving us the results we have been hoping for all sugaring season. With more consistent below freezing nights and above 40’s days, the sap has been running over 1,200 gallons per hour at times.

On April 7th, we filled barrel #37, and by April 10th, we filled barrel #70 — big jump in production! But little did we know that wasn’t the only action happening in the sugarbush. While checking the lines, we noticed a damaged area surrounded by some very LARGE tracks that head down hill. It was a huge bull moose making its way towards the neighboring sugarbush. We called to warn them it was headed their way, and later heard it did not do anymore damage. Phew!

Thus far we are producing mostly lighter syrup, but we suspect it will turn pretty dark with temperatures now well in the 50’s. In any case, it is all Grade A and tasting mighty fine! For more updates, visit us on the Butternut Mountain Farm Facebook page.