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The Maple Syrup Season 2014: Sap Is Flowing

After what seemed like the LONGEST wait in the history of sugaring, we FINALLY had our first – and consequently our last – boil in March on the 31st. And then, April 1st arrived – and wow!! With the daytime temps getting into the high 40’s / low 50’s and the sun shining down, the trees thawed and the sap started to flow. By April 2nd, we were getting between 300-600 gallons of sap per hour, and by April 4th, 1,100 gallons per hour! The day-to-day theme thus far has definitely been “slow start, strong finish,” but as we filled our 35th barrel with what we consider “the best stuff on Earth” and we’re energized by the process, the miracle it yields, and the season still ahead.

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