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Ways To Use Maple Syrup In Cocktails

Whether you prefer your cocktail shaken or stirred, real maple syrup makes an easy and complimentary addition to happy hour. Whiskey, bourbon, vodka, and gin all benefit from the sweet yet robust flavor profile, making mixology possibilities endless. Adding real maple syrup into cocktails is a flavor enhancer that makes every sip one to savor.

Real maple syrup is a single ingredient natural sweetener that works as a wholesome substitute for granulated white sugar. We love swapping sugar out with real maple syrup and maple sugar when baking, and the same swap applies to mixed drinks. Whether they’re cocktails or mocktails, where simple syrup would be used, try maple syrup! Or, if you’re simply hankering for a little something extra in your sip add a bit for the sake of flavor.

Here are a few of our tried and true cocktails that make happy hour a little sweeter.

Vermont Maple Old Fashioned

This classic cocktail gets a natural twist by removing the sugar cubes from the recipe and stirring in maple syrup instead. This is the ideal glass to cap a long day. And in the fall or winter it’s especially perfect to sip in front of a fire draped under a plaid patterned blanket.

Maple Grapefruit Margarita

When you’re in the mood to recline with a refreshing glass of something, look no further than this grapefruit margarita. It’s sweet, it’s tart, it’s refreshing, and it’s pink! The recipe is as easy as stirring everything together in a pitcher so that happy hour can start as soon as 5:01pm.

Maple Mule

All that’s required for this cocktail concoction is ginger beer, gin, lime juice, maple syrup and mint. Effervescent and subtly sweet this is the perfect cocktail to sip on the front porch watching a thunderstorm roll in.

Maple Mojito

First thing’s first: muddle the mint, maple and lime juice together at the bottom of a highball glass to release all the cool flavors. Top with ice, rum and club soda for an easy and flavor bursting evening cocktail.

Nor-Easter Rum Cocktail

When the leaves start to turn gold and the margarita mix is tucked back in the pantry, the Nor’Easter Rum cocktail becomes our go-to for after hours drink. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary to make this cocktail even more cozy.

Apple Cider Hot Toddy

Spring is sugaring season, but some might argue that autumn is Vermont’s most ravishing season. It is, after all, when Vermont showcases its natural beauty. It’s when we crave the apple cider donuts, the pumpkin muffins, and a little bit of maple in every and anything we consume. Maple syrup’s earthy warmth is highlighted in this hot cocktail. After a long afternoon of carving pumpkins, cozy up with a warm cup of this classic whiskey drink sweetened with real maple syrup.