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Why Maple Syrup Makes the Best Gift to Give in 2022

Maple syrup may already on your grocery list, but it’s worth adding to the holiday wish list. Why? Because maple syrup is a thoughtful gift to give – and a delicious one to receive. Beyond its traditional use as a pancake topper, maple syrup is an ingredient that spruces up any ordinary recipe.

When you gift maple syrup, you’re enhancing the everyday culinary experience. From morning coffee to salad dressings, the recipient gets to explore the endless pairing options of maple. And create their own menu of dishes with this flavor enhancing ingredient.

 For the epicureans on your list, maple syrup makes the best gift to give in 2022. Here is why we think so.

It’s for everybody

Maple syrup is for everybody. Within Grade A maple syrup there are multiple classifications which include: Golden, Delicate, Amber, Rich and Dark, Robust. Each Grade A classification has their own flavor profile to match a myriad of palates. Part of the fun is discovering what you prefer. (Try a grading sampler kit to decide!)

In addition to Grade A 100% pure maple syrup, there are infused maple syrups. From habanero pepper infused maple syrup to maple syrup infused with spices reminiscent of autumnal baking. Collect all of our infused maple syrups to taste and tell which syrup would accentuate your favorite recipes. Mix into cocktails, add to beloved baking recipes and, naturally, pour over your favorite griddled breakfast.

To top it all off, maple syrup is inclusive. Our maple syrup is naturally gluten free, and vegan!

It Fits into a Stocking Perfectly

Whether you’re stuffing stockings with maple syrup, maple candy or maple butter, you’ll find that maple, in all its scrumptious iterations, fit snug into stockings. Ideally, the syrup is warmed from the fire cracking below the toe and can be opened and enjoyed the second it’s unwrapped.

You Can Enjoy It Any Time …

… even right then and there at the time of unwrapping with your morning cup of Joe.

Though a flavor popular in fall and for breakfast, maple syrup is a year-round, all-day ingredient. Swirl a teaspoon into coffee and tea as a sweetener, or add to a marinade recipe to add a robust element to the sauce. Maple syrup is not restricted to a season. You’ll get to enjoy its flavor for 365 days!

It’s All-Natural

For the sustainably conscious and wellness minded, maple syrup is quite literally a sweet spot for gift giving. Maple syrup comes from trees. Once sap is harvested, sugar making crews boil sap and what results is pure maple syrup! In fact, the only ingredient on a 100% real maple syrup bottle is “pure maple syrup”. On the topic of sustainability, sap can be harvested from the same trees for centuries. Our farm crew works year-round to ensure the on-going health of our forests. You can feel good about giving, and eating, pure maple syrup.

If you’re shopping for someone with a sweet tooth who has an affinity for baking, maple syrup will not only delight it’ll introduce them to a whole new side of confectionary cooking. Try baking with maple in these no-rise necessary maple cinnamon rolls!

It Can Be a Last-Minute Gift

Running behind on shopping and need something for someone at the very last minute that doesn’t scream “I forgot about you?” Pick up a bottle of pure maple syrup before your gift exchange. When you gift maple syrup, you’re not just handing over a bottle of breakfast syrup, you’re gifting a bottle of memories.

Maple syrup is on the family breakfast table. It’s in the cocktails you raise to toast life’s cornerstone moments. It’s in the recipes you cook with friends, packed into a kitchen. Simply, maple syrup invites loved ones around the table and becomes the flavor of quality time.