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Why Sweetgreen Chooses Real Maple Syrup

To complete a salad, one must choose their dressing wisely. This final coating will bind the thoughtfully curated fixings together. A well-balanced dressing with high-quality ingredients is important. Sweetgreen, a national fast-casual restaurant  connecting people to real food, knows how to build better bowls. And that’s why they choose to use real maple syrup as a means to add extra dimension to fan favorite salad dressings.

A chalkboard welcomes customers to a local Sweetgreen in Connecticut. “We source from farmers we know and partners we trust,” it reads. Below it, a list of farmers and producers Sweetgreen partners with is introduced. At Sweetgreen, ingredients matter. “We strongly believe in the transparent supply chain we’ve built and that customers should know where their food comes from. Our suppliers are carefully selected and thoughtfully sourced to align with our ethos and sustainable practices,” the Sweetgreen team shares with us.

Maple syrup is widely considered the smarter sweetener. Its wholesome properties and robust flavor make it an excellent choice for adding to the tops of pancakes and to the depths of salad dressings. In the latter’s case, maple’s sweet and rich characteristics harmoniously emulsify with oil and vinegar for a balanced dressing. Maple softens vinegar’s tart edge and supports general flavor development. 

As an ingredient maple is versatile, pairing with an array of flavors. This is exemplified in the varied dressings at Sweetgreen.

You can find maple in three of Sweetgreen’s dressings: Miso Sesame Ginger, Spicy Cashew and the recently launched Red Wine Vinaigrette. Enjoy the Miso Sesame Ginger dressing on the Shroomami bowl, the Spicy Cashew dressing on the Crispy Rice Bowl and the Red Wine Vinaigrette on the Italian Chopped Salad. Alternatively, customize your own bowl and pick your player.

Choosing to use Vermont organic Amber, Rich maple syrup means there are limitless possibilities for mixing-and-matching. This classic maple flavor’s richness seamlessly walks the culinary line between sweet and savory. Nicolas Jammet, co-founder and Chief Concept Officer, shares, “along with featuring  maple syrup for several of our dressings, it’s also a key ingredient for our naturally sweetened Crispy Rice Treat.” It works just as well in desserts as it does in dressings.

We are honored to be the choice real maple syrup purveyor at Sweetgreen. As stewards of the land for more than half a century, we are well acquainted with the detail that is required to achieve high-quality and sustainable food. Furthermore, we’re delighted to provide maple syrup to a restaurant chain that values real food and how it’s grown. And we’re glad to hear the feeling is mutual. “We’re proud to partner with Butternut Mountain Farms, a family-owned business that shares our commitment to quality ingredients that are sustainably sourced,” Jammet says.

*Image courtesy of Sweetgreen