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4 Super Soups to Make This Winter

Brothy Beans Soup

Winter wooshes in with snowfall and plummeting temperatures, and Vermonters embrace the season’s change. We welcome the precipitation with our skis and the freeze with nights before our fireplaces. We’re familiar with ways to stay warm, from dressing for the weather to nourishing ourselves with the right meals. Soups insulate us as we zip down mountains, trek through sugarbushes, or walk into town, and we’re keeping these four super soups in rotation this winter.

Winter soups are straightforward, but not simple and never boring. They’re built on a foundation of flavorful ingredients. Spices envelope sauteed alliums that are then infused into broths and stocks. Roasted vegetables are pureed into silky soups that can be enjoyed straight from the thermos or made to be more elaborate with crunchy and creamy toppings.

In our making of soups, we have found maple syrup to be a vehicle for flavor. Instead of its regular starring role atop pancakes, it takes a supportive turn amongst savory ingredients. In its soup application it becomes a flavor enhancer, boosting the sweetness of onions or balancing the heat of spices. It’s an essential in creating well-balanced bowls.

As the forecast calls for cold weather in the months ahead, turn to these four soups to stay warm.

Brothy Butter Beans with Not-Quite-Caramelized Onions

Hidden in this brothy bowl of butter beans is a hint of maple syrup. The maple is not forward in its flavor. Instead, it puts in behind-the-scenes work to elevate the taste of the onions. While they’re not quite caramelized, the onions do cook for 30 minutes in a rich bath of butter and maple syrup. This base builds a bite that carries a subtle caramel-y sweetness throughout the bowl. We encourage you to soak and scoop every last bit with a piece of toast.

After the onions have cooked, the soup comes together in 12 minutes. Using canned butter beans and pre-made stock this soup’s quick turnaround time satisfies when your cravings are more like demands. Serve with a soft-boiled egg, shaved parmesan and dollops of parsley-pepita mix.

Butternut Squash Soup

This spice studded soup isn’t your ordinary bowl of Butternut Squash soup. Roasted butternut squash mixes with a dimensional base of apples and anise to create a silky soup to sip on. We recommend serving with a side of grilled cheese for dipping purposes.

Leek and Potato Soup with Maple Bacon and Maple Yogurt

If a loaded potato took the form of soup, it would be this recipe. Puréed with leeks, garlic, shallot, and onion and then topped with hearty bits of maple bacon and creamy maple yogurt, every spoonful is a heap of flavor. This is a perfect way to stay warm when the evenings get chillier.

Maple Chicken Chili

A day spent in the snow calls for an evening spent with a bowl of chili. Maple is a fitting ingredient for chili. It brings a deep, brown sugary element that balances the decadence of the spices involved. Every spoonful is a satisfying balance of spice and sweetness. Serve with an array of toppings from sour cream and avocado to crushed tortilla chips and jalapeño slices. With this buffet of toppings every bite is full of flavor and warmth.