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Winter Updates from the Farm

In order to optimize the flow of sap to our sugarhouse, it’s important to ensure the tubing, mainlines and wire are all properly functioning. Throughout the year our crew tends to the woods to keep them in proper condition for harvesting once sugaring season arrives. Our crew works hard to maintain the durability of the tubing, and sometimes squirrels as well as windstorms plan on testing that strength! Thankfully our crew is prepared.

“The December 23 storm had severe winds,” forester Fran Sladyk reports. “These winds uprooted trees and broke limbs. We did not lose taps in this storm, but it did impact our tubing and mainline.” Our crew spent the last week working on repairs. And sometimes those pairs aren’t as simple as just cutting a tree.

To get maximum flow of sap, the mainlines that run through the woods should be as tight as possible. “To do this, we pull wire with a come along and side tie it to trees to keep it graded and tight,” Fran says. Which is why when a tree falls it’s not as easy as cutting it off the line. The crew works in teams for safety purposes. Teams will debate the situation before cutting it to make the safest decision. Thanks to our crew’s effort, the pipeline that had been affected has been restored and the crew is beginning to tap!

Stay tuned for more tapping and sugaring updates from the farm as the 2023 season continues!