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Yes, Definitely Poach Eggs in Maple Syrup

A headline recently caught our attention. You Should Poach An Egg in Maple Syrup, the Lifehacker article advised. When it comes to new ways of cooking with maple syrup, it doesn’t take much convincing to get us into the kitchen. We promptly took lunch and headed to recipe test. The result? We wish we made two poached eggs instead of one.

If you ever let your maple syrup touch the eggs on your breakfast plate you know that syrup can do more than sit upon a throne of pancakes. Maple syrup’s breakfast reign extends to the preparation of eggs. While poaching eggs in maple syrup might seem odd, we assure you that though the flavor is impactful the sweetness is secondary. These don’t taste like candy coated yolks.

The maple syrup adds a robust coat around the poached egg that is balanced by a pinch of salt. Altogether, the poached egg is a rich delight, excellent over the recommended pancake bread. And it’s all easy to make.

To poach an egg in maple syrup, we brought a ½ cup of Dark, Robust maple syrup to a boil and then reduced it to a slight simmer. We cracked an egg in a small ramekin and slipped it into the bubbling maple syrup. Boiling maple syrup can bubble over and burn, so keep an eye on the burner!

While the recipe says to cook for 3-4 minutes, spooning maple syrup over the egg until the white is just set, we found that increasing the heat slightly and letting the maple syrup boil over the egg, engulfing it totally, poached it perfectly. (And was easier.)

Poaching an egg in an inch of maple syrup douses the eggs in an unexpected yet delicious flavor fit for the top of toast or beside bacon. Adding maple poached eggs to your menu, whether at home or in your restaurant, will add both intrigue and full belly satisfaction. So, yes, we agree, you should poach your eggs in maple syrup!