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Yummy Maple Sweetened Snack Ideas For Kids

As parents, it can be really overwhelming to navigate the sea of snack choices at the grocery store. From bars to granola, chips to yogurt – many brands marketed toward kids are loaded with refined sugar and other artificial flavors.

While some companies have made strides to offer products with real, wholesome ingredients in them, the reality is that the best – and the only way – to really know what you are feeding your kiddos is to be diligent about reading labels and ingredient lists.

A few brands we love that use high-quality ingredients, including our maple syrup and sugar, are Quinn Popcorn, Butterworks Farm and Nutty Steph’s Granola.

Baffled with where to start with kid-friendly recipes? Don’t fret! We have crated a fun, easy and kid-tested list of maple sweetened DIY snacks and recipes that you and your littles can bond over while making and munching!

Maple Nut Granola: We designed this granola with snacking in mind! Its extra chunky and crunchy nuggets can be made in large batches and stored in mason jars for weeks.

Beet and Sweet Potato Chips: Pretty and tasty, even the pickiest of little veggie eaters will love these crispy chips!

Maple Cashew Raw Energy Balls: Without a single cooked ingredient in them, these balls are PACKED with energy that will get you through the day without crashing, plus, they are super fun to make!

Maple Vanilla Chia Pudding: Creamy and filing, this pudding is guilt-free comfort food that also happens to be packed with protein and easy to make!

For more sweet ideas, head to our Pinterest board, “Maple Snacks and Treats“.